Find great domains for a fraction of their end user market value

Publishing starts with a domain name search: valuable domains are already in hands of investors or end users. Trying to negotiate with a domain investor to purchase a premium domain is generally a tedious task and starting any business by hand registering a free and low profile domain name is considered a newbie mistake.

A well kept secret in the domain name business is the expiring and dropping domain market, populated with domains that have failed to be renewed for various reasons. The normal domain life cycle suppose the abandonned domains to be offered again to registration to any users. In the real world, most of these domains are not given back to manual registering pool, but auctionned by large wholesale domain reseller. The remaining part of these domains are automatically catched by dropcatcher in the first second of their availability.

These domain players publish every day lists of these domains, but without any information, thus no way for a domain name search. With a total amount of approximatively 200 000 domains each single day, the end users need help for a successfull domain name search and retrieve interesting domains. We daily analyze all these domains, qualify them to extract the domain's value, genericity or web popularity (SEO value) due to a previous use, and propose an advanced search engine within all these data.

These domains are to win in auctions for a wholesale price, thus a fraction of the end user price. To start, select one of domain name search examples or start your own advanced domain name search.

Authoring Framework

How can aggregation, semantic and smart content technologies be combined to build an authoring framework?

Domain Search Examples

Generic domains with keyword "Publishing", ordered by importance

Best English COM or NET Generic domains with 1 or 2 keywords, without dashes, registered in many extensions, by importance.

Domains previously used and popular for keyword "Publishing", with valid pagerank and at least 5 backlinks.

Old domains, registered since 10 years or more, ordered by age.

Best French COM or NET generic domains with 1 or 2 keywords, without dashes, not generic for english language, registered in many extensions, by importance.

Domains with very valuable backlinks, with valid pagerank, at least 100 backlinks, mostly verified, mostly do follow, and mostly pointing to homepage.

Domains with backlinks in highest paying topics, with valid pagerank, sorted by anchor CPC.

Generic domains in highest paying topics with backlinks also in highest paying topics, with valid pagerank.

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Apr 17 2014 _ The computing server has been changed to a brand new and more powerful one. The database is beeing rebuilding, and new domains should appear tomorrow.

Mar 24 2014 _ will be exhibiting its Authoring Framework at the upcoming 2014 Time2Marketing Show (T2M) in Paris, FRANCE (Jun 17-18 2014).