What are people generally looking for?

Case 1: Generic domains

Enter in the Search box one or more keywords the generic domain should contain, select Domain Name in the search menu, and hit the Ok button. Sort by Global Search or Result Search to start with the probably most valuable domains.

I you want to refine your search, select Search Options and choose one or more filters:

  • Choose your preferred Extension(s). Example: COM
  • Select the minimum and/or maximum number of Keywords. Example: between 1 (Min Count) and 2 (Max Count)
  • You may decide to set a minimum metric for CPC , Global Search or Search Result
  • Specify the Keyword Lang of the desired generic domain. You may exclude some Langs to refine
  • If dashes matter, play with Min Dash and/or Max Dash
  • To enhance the quality of the resulting domains, the filter Whois Metric > Extension registered enables to select domains that are registered in different extensions

Case 2: SEO domains

Find SEO domains with backlinks related to one or more keywords. Enter the keyword(s) in Search box, select Anchor or Backlink Text in the search menu, and hit the Ok button

To refine the search, select some additionnal filters from the Domain Ranking, Backlink Analysis and Backlinking Hosts fieldsets to get domains with a better backlink structure

The most interesting filters to use first are:

  • Min PR to eliminate low pagerank domains
  • Min Blekko Rank to validate pagerank, and get better SEO domains
  • Min Blekko BL to avoid domains with a very small number of backlinks
  • Min % Valid and Min % Do Follow to filter domains with low quality backlinks
  • Min Backlinked Pages and Backlinking Hosts fieldset parameters help get domains with natural backlinks

They are many other cases, old domains (Whois Metric > Max Domain Age), domains with traffic (Domain Ranking > Max Alexa Rank), etc.