Domain Search FAQ

What is this domain search engine for?

The avanced domain search engine enables the user to retrieve valuable domains from expiring and dropping domain lists, by looking for keywords in the domain name, in the backlink's anchors or in the backlinking texts, and filtering the results through 50 agregated parameters. For each resulting domain, the user can display up to 13 reports. The expiring and dropping domains lists's aggregated size is approximatively 200k a day.

Where come expiring and dropping domains from?

These domains are the domains their owner have failed to renew.

Why do valuable domain names expire?

There are many possible reasons but the most commons are: (1) the domain owner didn't need the domain anymore, and wasn't aware the domain to have value (2) the domain owner is out of business due to bankruptcy, and the domain wasn't sold as an asset by the liquidator (3) the domain owner forgot to renew the domain (4) the domain owner is a domainer (5) many of possible reasons like: a small domainer got severely injured or died and didn't secure his or her domain portfolio.

What is a expiring domain wholesale reseller?

A expiring domain wholesale reseller is a company that sell expiring domains with no marketing effort to wholesale buyers (domainers). These companies have concluded partnerships with many registrars to auction their expiring domains and gather these domains into huge lists of domains, without any metric or information.

The mains reseller are Godaddy, Snapnames and Namejet. These domains are referred as expiring domains.

What is a dropcatcher?

Some registrars, mainly outside USA, don't partner with any wholesale reseller, and simply let domain drop, following the normal domain name lifecycle. At the end of the cycle, the domains are in the pending delete state, and will drop after 5 days, and thus be available to registration, first come, first served. However, it won't possible to register a valuable domain manually, as a dropcatcher automated request will register it in the first second of its availability. These dropcatchers have established partnership with as many registrars as possible to have a larger access to the registry, and be able to send more registering requests. Without surprise, the top dropcatchers are the same players as in the expiring domains wholesale reselling game: Snapnames and Namejet. Other dropcatcher include Pheenix and Pool. These domains are referred as dropping domains.

What is domain investor, also called a domainer?

A domainer is a person investing in valuable generic domains, and try to sell domains of his or her domain portfolio to end users for a profit. Only a small subset of the portfolio will be sold to an end user, thus the profit must be high to cover the costs of the entire domain portfolio. The portfolio can range between hundreds and hundred of thousands, the average probably being in the thousands. As an early mover in the domain name space, some domainer have collected very valuable generic domains, but most probably, he or she bought most of the portfolio through expiring or dropping domain lists or acquired some from other domainers looking for quick cash, and at wholesale prices. Most domainers don't develop their domains, thus rely on domain sales to finance domain acquisitions and renewal fees.

Domainer activity is considered by some people as illegitimate. This an absolute wrong point of view, since they invested much money to organize the secondary domain market, rarely making hugh profit, more frequently loosing money. Domainers just created and animate the secondary market of domain, defining which domain has value, and carefully monitor what a raisonnable end user is willing to pay, and set the price at this level. The idea that a domain owner shouldn't hold a domain he or she has no use for is just a stupid and naive idea, as no one can define any boundary of what a legitimate use is.

What is an end user?

An end user is a company or a person looking for a domain for its business use.

What is a valuable domain?

A valuable domain is either a generic domain or a SEO domain. Other valuable domains may include non generic brandable domains (see catchy marketplace for examples): these domains are short 2 to 5 letters domains, with letter patterns (CVCVV for vegeo as an example). Such filters will be implemented next.

What is a generic domain?

A generic domain is a domain corresponding to a common search query in search engine. The more popular the search is, the more valuable the domain should be.,, and are generic domains, corresponding to the following web searches: "Home", "Home Staging", and "Miami Home Staging", in descending order of search popularity and domain value. The domain extension and occurence of dashes is of critical importance. Our genericity filters include among other monthly search count, total search engine result count, CPC value for search terms (see Keywords), extension saturation (see Whois metric).

What is a SEO domain?

A SEO domain is a domain that has backlinks due to a previous use for a true website. A good backlink comes from an inner page of a trusted source (pagerank, blekko host rank, alexa rank), and a good and natural backlink structure is made of do follow backlinks from various hosts (different domains, different web hosting, different cities or countries), with well spread anchors. Our domain reports for SEO domain include textual reports exploring all theses parameters.

The user must be careful that the SEO domain does not infringe intellectual property rights, as for example if a domain name includes a trademark.

How many domains do you include in the database?

We apply very low genericity or SEO filter for domains to enter the database. Thus, approximatively 50% of expiring or dropping domains are initially rejected (100k domains out of 200k domains). The rejected domains are non generic google banned domains, and avoid the user to loose time with the completely rotten part of expired domains.

The "Stored in database" search filter enables you to have an precise estimate of the added domains, for example yesterday.

Does your database contains low value domains?

Yes, definitively. Our combined filters enables you to select a subset of expiring or dropping domains, but our promise is to keep the human review task of the user limited in order to get the valuable domains.

How frequently is your database update?

The database is updated continuously throughout the day. The number of added domains today and until now can be obtained with filter Stored in database.

What are the most frequent uses of this domain tool?

The 2 main use cases are: (1) find a premium generic domain based on a keyword or a search and (2) find a valuable seo domain based on a keyword or a search.

Is your domain metric reliable?

Some metric is absolute information (registrar information for example), but most of the metric is relative information: pagerank is build by Google, thus popularity according to Google, keyword metric (CPC, search count, result count) is relative to a certain source, backlinks to a certain data vendor. etc. The key point is that this relative metric enables the user to sort the domains with a scale that is satisfactory for filtering or ordering purpose. A end user willing to refine some of the metric should visit specialized websites.

Do you take into account and explore all backlinks of domains?

No, for 2 reasons: (1) backlinks data providers can't be able to get all backlinks (2) it is sufficient to explore the first 100 for estimation purpose, then the use can refine if necessary with a specialized website.

What is a premium generic domain name, and why choose such a domain?

A premium generic domain is a domain that match exactly a popular web search, and related to a valuable business topic. This domain must be the best version of all the possible variations: (1) the best extension (COM) and (2) no dashes.

The reason why savvy people are hot about such domains is that such a domain will give your business a boost (all other parameters being unchanged): immediate online brand, immediate online recognition, easiness to remember thus much more efficient marketing. The key points are "immediate" and "efficient", thus lot of time saved.

Registering a lower value alternative (for example with dashes or another extension as COM) will result in loss in your marketing efforts as a part of all visitors will memorize a better alternative and land as free to acquire visitors for competitors.

Some domains (rarely) have a auction reserve, what does it means?

This case is happening with Namejet. That company decided to introduce some premium generic domains among expiring domains.

How frequently should I visit this website to be sure not to mis any domain?

If you are targeting dropping domains, you should check every 2-3 days as the pending delete state lasts 5 days. For expiring domains from Godaddy, you should check at least once a week, and for Snapnames or Namejet expiring domains at least once a month.

What are the meaning of the agregated parameters?

PropertyProperty GroupDefinitionProperty search feature (search, filter)
Domain-The domain nameSearch for Keywords within Domain Name, Filter by domain Extension (Domain > Extension)
Gener. ScoreAuctionGenericity score of the domain (0 to 100)-
SEO ScoreAuctionSEO Score of the domain (0 to 100)-
EndAuctionEnd date of domain auction (expiring domains from GoDaddy) or End date to participate to domain auction (dropping domains and expiring domains from Snapname or Namejet)-
AuctioneerAuctionAuction link to wholesale reseller (expiring domains) or dropcatcher (dropping domains)Filter by auctioneer (Auction > Auctioneer)
PriceAuctionStarting price of auctionFilter by minimum or maximum auction price (Auction > Min Price, Max Price)
BidsAuctionNumber of bids-
TypeAuctionType of auction: drop (dropping domains), prerelease (expiring domains from Snapname or Namejet)Filter by type (Auction > Type)
CountKeywordsThe count of keywords within domain name (generic domain name)Filter by minimum or maximum keyword count (Keywords > Min Count or Max Count)
KeywordsKeywordsThe keywords contained in domain name (generic domain name)Search for Keywords within Domain Name
CPCKeywordsCPC value for the keywords found in domain name (generic domain name)Filter by minimum CPC value (Keywords > Min CPC)
Global SearchKeywordsThe global search count, in other words the number of search engine searches in all countries, for the keywords found in domain name (generic domain name)Filter by minimum global search count (Keywords > Min Global Search)
Local SearchKeywordsThe local search count, in other words the number of search engine searches in USA, for the keywords found in domain name (generic domain name)-
Search ResultKeywordsThe search result count, in other words the number of texts found in search engines for the keywords found in domain name (generic domain name)Filter by minimum search result count (Keywords > Min Search Result)
ENKeywordsDisplay the US flag if the keywords within the domain (generic domain name) corresponds to an english language word or expressionFilter by english genericity (Keywords > Keyword Lang : US Flag) or avoid english generic domains (Keywords > Exclude Keyword Lang : US Flag)
DEKeywordsSame for Germany and germanSame for Germany and german
FRKeywordsSame for France and frenchSame for France and french
ESKeywordsSame for Spain and spanishSame for Spain and spanish
ITKeywordsSame for Italy and italianSame for Italy and italian
Google PRDomain rankingGoogle Pagerank for the domain, range from 0 to 10Filter by minimum or maximum pagerank (Domain Ranking > Min PR or Max PR)
Blekko Domain RankDomain rankingBlekko Domain Rank of the domain, range from 0 to 10Filter by minimum or maximum Blekko domain rank (Domain Ranking > Min Blekko Rank or Max Blekko Rank)
Blekko BLDomain rankingThe number of backlinks pointing to any page of the domain (any subdomain) as found by Blekko backlink vendorFilter by minimum Blekko backlink count (Domain Ranking > Min Blekko BL)
Seomoz BLDomain rankingThe number of backlinks pointing to any page of the domain (any subdomain) as found by Seomoz backlink vendor-
Alexa RankDomain rankingThe Alexa rank of the main host of domain, corresponding to trafic (the higher the rank, the lower the trafic)Filter by minimum or maximum Alexa rank (Domain Ranking > Min Alexa Rank or Max Alexa Rank)
Alexa BLDomain rankingThe number of backlinks pointing to any page of the domain (any subdomain) as found by the Alexa backlink vendor-
ReportBacklink AnalysisLink to report of all backlinks that have been investigated-
% ValidBacklink AnalysisThe percentage of backlinks that have been successfully checked (the link exists at the checking date)Filter by minimum percentage of valid backlinks (Backlink Analysis > Min % Valid)
% DoFollowBacklink AnalysisThe percentage of backlinks whose rel attribute has NOT the nofollow value: this links are taken into account by search engines (with link to report)Filter by minimum percentage of do follow backlinks (Backlink Analysis > Min % Do Follow)
Home BLsBacklink AnalysisThe number of backlinks pointing to the homepage (with link to report)Filter by minimum number of backlinks pointing to the homepage (Backlink Analysis > Min Home BLs)
All BLsBacklink AnalysisThe number of all backlinks pointing to the homepage or inner pages (with link to report)Filter by minimum number of all backlinks (Backlink Analysis > Min All BLs)
% Home BLs / All BLsBacklink AnalysisPercentage of backlinks pointing to the homepage compared to the numbern of all backlinks. Caution: a backlink can have multiple targets to the domain, some pointing to the homepage and/or other pointing to inner page(s). This is not the most current case, and is generally not found in natural backlink structuresFilter by minimum percentage of backlinks pointing to the homepage (Backlink Analysis > Min % Home BLs / All BLs)
Backlinked PagesBacklink AnalysisThe number of backlinked pages or backlink targets to pages of the domain (with link to report)Filter by minimum or maximum number of backlinked pages (Backlink Analysis > Min Backlinked Pages or Max Backlinked Pages)
Avg BL count Inner HomeBacklink AnalysisThe average count (by backlinking host) of innerpage backlinks and homepage backlinks (with link to report)-
BL %/pos/#Backlink AnalysisThe average for each backlinking page the total count of links (#), the position of the link to the domain within all these links (pos), and the corresponding percentage of the position over total count of links (with link to report)-
Unique Hosts CountBacklinking HostsThe number of different backlinking hosts (with link to report)Filter by minimum number of backlinking hosts (Backlinking Hosts > Min Unique Hosts Count)
Hosts IP CountBacklinking HostsThe number of different IP address of backlinking hosts (with link to report)Filter by the minimum number of backlinking hosts (Backlinking Hosts > Min Hosts IP Count)
Hosts C - Class CountBacklinking HostsThe number of different C-Class IPs of backlinking hostsFilter by the minimum number of C - Class IPs (Backlinking Hosts > Min C-Class Count)
Alexa Hosts Backlinking HostsThe number of hosts with alexa rank lower that 1M (with link to report)-
gTLDBacklinking HostsThe statistics for gTLD extensions within the backlinks-
ccTLDBacklinking HostsThe statistics for ccTLD extensions within the backlinks-
CPCBacklink Text AnalysisThe maximum CPC value for expressions found in anchors or in text in backlinking pages (with link to report)Filter by minimum CPC for anchor or text in backlinking pages (Backlink Analysis > Min BL CPC
AnchorsBacklink Text AnalysisThe anchors statistics (with link to report)Search for Keywords within Anchors
Text TokenBacklink Text AnalysisStatistics for text found in backlinking pages (with link to report)Search for Keywords within Text Token
Domain AgeWhois metricCreation date of domainFilter by maximum age of domain, to limit to older domains (Whois metric > Max Domain Age)
Extension SaturationWhois metricThe number of extension alternative for the domain that are registered
comWhois metricShow if com alternative extension of domain is registered (green check) or not (red cross)Filter for domains with registered com alternative (Whois metric > Extension registered)
netWhois metricSame for netSame for net
bizWhois metricSame for bizSame for biz
infoWhois metricSame for infoSame for info
RegistrarWhois metricName of domain's current registrar-